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KMD Services

With over 50 years of cumulative experience in applying assembly automation, motion control and vision technologies, KMD provides a comprehensive range of integration and engineering services: 

  • Control System Design
  • Control System Upgrades
  • System Integration
  • PLC Program Development
  • HMI Program Development
  • Servo Retrofits
  • Machine Modifications
  • Control Panel Design and Build
  • Integrating Motion Control and Vision Systems

Control System Design

KMD control system design used industry standards for program developmentAs the pace of technology continues to escalate, your demands for improved productivity also increase. The KMD Systems Engineering group is knowledgeable of the latest hardware, software and networking topologies. These range from PLC systems to wireless technologies and beyond. Control systems are designed and built upon open architectures, using proven tools to provide real-time data in a robust and secure environment.

Engineers experienced with the IEC 61131-3 programming standard for automation, design the code for control systems to this standard.

Control System, PLC and Motion Control experience includes:

Applications Software Vendor/Hardware
Complex Motion Control

IEC 61131-3
IEC 61131-3
Servowire Pro
RSLogix 5000

OpenPLC various manufacturers
Allen Bradley ControlLogix
 PLC-based & Process Control

RSLogix 5000
RSLogix 5000

Allen Bradley SLC 500
Allen Bradley ControlLogix
Automation Direct DirectLogic
Beckhoff PC based PLCs
PLCopen hardware
General Electric Series 90
Schneider Electric Quantum
Modicon 984 Series
Material Handling Interfaces & Design    
Robotic and Gantry Systems    
SCADA Systems    























KMD Control System upgradesControl System Upgrades

To extend the life of your existing control system, KMD engineers can reverse engineer undocumented programs and provide upgrade strategies that include state-of-the-art controls. Benefits of upgraded controls include:

  • Better control and quicker switch-over times by replacing pneumatics or hydraulics with servo motor controls
  • Reduced hardware and simplified software by using a servo controller that is programmed like a PLC and is connected to I/O
  • Implementation of standards such as IEC 61131-3 programming languages



System Integration

KMD engineers for Custom Machinery system integrationEngineers experienced in plant floor automation provide system integration services to improve your production capabilities.

Current technologies are leveraged to design for ease of operation and maintenance. Improved product quality and reduced inefficiencies are key objectives for the KMD team that consistently delivers projects on time and at a competitive cost.

Benefits include:

  • A single source for the design, assembly and programming of production ready systems
  • Cost-effective integration of new equipment into existing automation systems
  • Installation and onsite start-up services

KMD Control Panel designControl Panel Design and Build

KMD is a full service facility for engineering and fabrication of custom electrical control panels.

Once your control system design is optimized, panels are built to exacting specifications in our UL 508A certified panel shop.








KMD - PLC Program DevelopmentPLC Program Development

PLC code development services are built upon KMD engineering expertise with Allen-Bradley, GE, and Modicon PLC systems. Using proven standards, code that your technicians will understand is provided. This enables them to independently troubleshoot problems and minimize downtime.




PLC and Process Control Applications include: 

Manufacturer Software System
Allen Bradley RSLogix 5000 Control Logix PLC
Automation Direct Directsoft Direct Logic Series PLC
Beckhofff TwinCat Compatible PC
General Electric  Logicmaster Series 90 PLC
ORMEC CODESYS IEC 61131-3 SMLC motion controllers
Schneider Electric


Quantum PLC
Modicon 984 PLC
Various manufacturers CODESYS IEC 61131-3 PCLOpen standard hardware










HMI Program Development

KMD HMI program developmentHMI programming capabilities are based upon experience with designing operator displays for a  broad range of control vendors.

Typical integrated tools for system configuration, monitoring, and data management in an HMI package include:

  • Real-time process information display
  • Historical data collection, storage, retrieval and analysis
  • Alarm detection and annunciation
  • Levels of security for user access
  • Event logging
  • Recipe Managment
  • Reporting
  • Redundancy to minimize loss of data and downtime

Servo Retrofits

Servo retrofits from KMD

Capital equipment can become technically outdated or inefficient. A servo retrofit provides features and options that were not available on the original machine, yielding improvements in speed, reliability, safety, productivity or ease-of-control.

With a servo retrofit, worn or outdated machinery is upgraded with current technology. Performance levels rise and approach "new machine" capabilities. This increases the return on your original equipment investment.

Benefits of Servo Retrofits

  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Quality
  • Reliability
  • Reduced Downtime

KMD Machinery Modifications for increased efficiencyMachine Modifications

Conversions and updates prolong the life cycle of equipment and systems, increase flexibility, and enhance productivity. Work with us on strategies and tactics to make efficient use of your existing equipment. Benefits include:

  • Reduced total life cycle costs of machinery
  • Decreased downtime
  • Increased product quality



Motion and Vision Integration

Integrating Vision and Motion - KMDBenefit from our motion and vision experience in component selection, procurement, system consulting and design, application development, deployment, training and support. With cost-effective products and on-time services, our goal is to exceed your performance expectations.

Rely on KMD as your single, qualified point of contact for your automation needs. With our vision and motion integration expertise you eliminate the need to coordinate components from several manufacturers.

Integrated systems for vision inspection, counting and vision guided motion can include: Keyence, Teledyne DALSA or Cognex equipment.

Automated assembly systems are designed that integrate machine vision with motion control to:

  • Improve the reliability of visual inspection process and increase process capacity
  • Automate image feature enhancement and extraction
  • Perform pattern matching for part sorting
  • Track the manufacturing process via bar codes

KLE-3, Class 1 Laser Guarding System from KMD

Class 1 Laser Enclosure

The KLE-3 is KMD's Class 1 enclosure for Class 4 Laser Marking Systems. This compact laser guarding system provides a safe operating environment for a wide variety of laser marking systems including standard Keyence models.

Our experience includes integrated laser systems for the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, electronics, automotive and other industries.

Datasheet KLE-3 Laser Enclosure


Learn more about this laser guarding system.




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