Custom Machinery

Custom Machine Design

Use KMD’s Engineering expertise to design and fabricate custom machines for the assembly, testing, material handling and packaging of your products. The latest 3D modeling techniques are used to design, analyze and verify machine operation.

Prior to component purchase, simulations and analyses are performed to verify the machine design. During the review phase, 3D models are presented for evaluation and for design approvals.

Machine Design AreasCustom Machinery KMD

  • Assembly Cells for Lean Manufacturing Systems
  • Stand Alone Assembly Machines
  • Multi-Station Assembly Machines
  • Pick and Place Units
  • Auto Load/Unload Stations
  • Auto Sorting and Stacking Units
  • Auto Packaging Systems (Weigh and Shrink-Wrap)
  • Quality Inspection Systems


System IntegrationKMD Engineers are experience with automation system integration

Improve your overall production capabilities with KMD System Integration services. Our engineers are experienced in all facets of plant floor automation.

Let us implement technologies designed to make your operations and maintenance routines less complicated and more streamlined. To improve product quality and eliminate inefficiencies, use the KMD engineering team that consistently delivers projects on time and at a competitive cost.

Benefits of System Integration by KMD include:

  • Production-ready systems designed, assembled and programmed by a single source
  • Cost-effective integration of new equipment into existing process equipment, conveyor systems or factory robotic systems
  • Installation and start-up services that quickly bring your systems online and in full production



Control System Design

KMD engineers experienced in IEC 61131-3 standardsAs the pace of technology continues to escalate, your demands for improved productivity also increase. The KMD Systems Engineering group is knowledgeable of the latest hardware, software and networking topologies. These range from PLC systems to wireless technologies and beyond. Control systems are designed and built upon open architectures, using proven tools to provide real-time data in a robust and secure environment.

Engineers experienced with the IEC 61131-3 programming standard for automation, design control system code to this standard.



Control System, PLC and Motion Control experience includes:

Applications Software Vendor/Hardware
Complex Motion Control

IEC 61131-3
IEC 61131-3
Servowire Pro
RSLogix 5000

Various manufacturers, OpenPLC
Allen Bradley, ControlLogix
 PLC-based & Process Control

RSLogix 5000
RSLogix 5000

Allen Bradley, SLC 500
Allen Bradley, ControlLogix
Automation Direct, DirectLogic
Beckhoff, PC based PLCs
Various manufactures, PLCopen hardware
General Electric, Series 90
Schneider Electric, Quantum
Modicon, 984 Series
Material Handling Interfaces & Design   
Robotic and Gantry Systems   
SCADA Systems   

























Machine Vision Integration

KMD integrates custom machines with machine vision systemsMachine vision is an integral part of today’s manufacturing environment. Automated systems provide speed, flexibility and repeatability that operators just can’t achieve. Custom machinery with integrated machine vision systems reduce operating costs, increase productivity rates and consistently increase product quality.

Proper understanding and integration are important when harmonizing machine vision within machine design.  At KMD, machine vision is incorporated  at the beginning of the machine design process. This offers a high level of machine efficiency and performance.

Machine vision systems are automated for many functions including:

  • Precision Part Assembly
  • Quality Inspection
  • Motion Control
  • Robot Guidance
  • Identification
  • Sorting and Counting

KMD designers and integrators are proficient at incorporating systems including:

  • Keyence
  • Teledyne DALSA
  • Cognex

Motion Control Integration

KMD integrates motion controls into custom machineryIn the past, motion control was a linear process involving a consistent set of repeatable parameters and functionality. Today's fast-paced manufacturing environment demands automation systems with greater adaptability. Changing production demands often require interchangeability and different product runs on the same manufacturing lines.

The KMD design team is well-versed in flexible manufacturing principals and integrates these requirements into machine designs. Lean manufacturing techniques are incorporated to optimize speed, efficiency and repeatability. The end results are reduced manufacturing costs, greater flexibility and greater profits.

Integrated motion control systems are designed and built based upon KMD expertise with:

  • Machine Vision Guided Motion
  • Robotics 
  • Servo Drives, Motors and Motion Controllers
  • Stepper Motors
  • Mechanical 
  • Pneumatics/Hydraulics
  • Magnetic

Lean Manufacturing Cell Design

KMD Lean Cell ManufacturingLean Manufacturing can be described as the never-ending pursuit to eliminate waste in the design, manufacture and distribution of a product. No matter how you implement Lean Manufacturing, the goal is common: continuous improvement, elimination of waste, increased efficiency, improved product quality and decreased costs.

KMD is very familiar with lean manufacturing principles as applied to cellular manufacturing. These concepts are an inherit part of all custom machine designs. Throughout the design and build process, lean processes are used:

  • Poka-yoke (mistake-proofing)
  • Waste elimination including unnecessary operational steps
  • Built-in flexibility for production changes
  • Efficient handling of nonconforming materials or product

Eliminate wasted time and steps in your machinery and manufacturing cell design process by meeting with our consultants. Streamline your manufacturing operations with  custom machinery from KMD.

KMD 7 phase design methodology  Phased Project Management

Building custom machines and integrating equipment is complicated.  A high level of communication between you and the KMD system designers is provided to streamline the process and ensure that the delivered solution meets all your requirements.

KMD uses a proven 7 phase design methodology for all aspects of machinery design and build. This method yields highly successful projects, where requirements are met and expectations are exceeded.






SolidWorks CAD

KMD uses SolidWorks CAD for Custom Machinery DesignSolidWorks 3-D CAD (Computer Aid Design) software is use for custom machine design engineering, rapid prototyping, and CAD solid modeling.

These engineering tools are used to analyze detailed designs and make quick modifications as needed throughout the product design process. This eliminates the cost of several design iterations and physical mock-ups, reducing time and cost.




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